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picMany companies are doing what they can to become green or eco friendly. There are a variety of things that can be done to make your office more eco friendly. It is important to keep these things in mind and do what you can to make your work place more green.

– Reducing the number of copies made in the office will be a huge thing that can be done to make an office more user friendly. Send an email if possible and send or make files downloadable in a document or PDF file. The files can be saved and viewed at the users convenience. Anything you can keep on the computer and not print is always a great way to be more eco friendly and will also help to save money on paper ink and toner.

– Recycle. Make sure that all of the pop cans find their way to the recycling bin as well as the daily newspapers. Take the time to set up various recycling bins for glass and paper. It will make a huge difference on the quest to be more eco friendly.

– Turn off the lights. Make it point that you and your co-workers turn off the lights when leaving a room. It is also a good idea to install motion sensor switches in bathrooms that turn on when someone enters the room and turn off when everyone exits. By keeping lights off you can also reduce the amount of central air used, as it will keep rooms cooler in the long run.

– Bring your own coffee cup from home and get rid of the office foam cups. These foam cups are terrible for the environment and are costing your office money.

– Turn off all equipment that isnt being used this includes computers. It is important to train employees the importance of shutting down their computers and unplugging other equipment that isnt being used. It is also worth looking into replacing old outdated PCs with new laptops, which use a significant amount less energy to be operated.

If you use all these tips your office will be on the way to being a eco friendly work place. It will take some time to train your employees to follow these tips. Over time they will pick up on them and get on board in keeping your office as green as you can. Keeping your workplace eco friendly will make you feel better about yourself and the earth we live on.



pic2Computers and the parts that come with it are not exactly eco-friendly. But with a little effort it is surprisingly easy to make your computer much friendlier for the environment. After all, “go green” seems to be new mantra these days, and all of us should do our part to help reduce carbon foot print.

First off, use an LCD screen as opposed to an old fashion CRT monitor. LCD screens use somewhere in the neighbourhood of 70% less power compared to CRT monitors. If you are not using the computer then turning off the monitor is an obvious way to save on electricity. All of the parts found in a computer, including the mouse and keyboard can be recycled. If any of them stops working do not just throw it into the garbage can.

There are many places that specialize in recycling; most of them will be run by your local government office. It is not only on the hardware side where computers can be used more responsibly. There are plenty of software’s also that can help the environment in positive way. One of the best ways to do this is to use “green search engines”.

These search engines use black resolution which is more eco-friendly compared to white resolution. This also applies to wallpapers and screen savers. There is software that can be used to optimize your PC’s power consumption that simply attaches itself to the menu bar providing statistics on usage. It is easier to find this software for Windows based computers.



pic3When you are trying to save the environment you will want to make sure that you know that not everything that you use has to be powered by electric from your outlets or batteries. One of those items that you may find to be a great choice is going to be a solar powered radio or CD player. Now many people may think that these are not possible, but they need to realize that these are available and can easily help them in saving the environment. One reason why the solar powered radios can help out is you will not need to use any other power source than the sun. Since many people enjoy listening to a radio or headphones while working they need to realize that they can use these still, but not have to worry about the batteries going dead in the middle of a song. Another reason to use the solar powered radios is that you can typically use them on a sunny day and if they have any type of renewable power source that is charged they will last for a couple of hours after the sunsets. Being able to find the best green gadget can be a difficult task for some people. However, if you know about solar powered radios you may realize that this can help keep you in your music for hours on end without having to worry about any environmental damage that comes from using external power sources.

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